Transforming global rice production with SRI

ClimateRice is a collaboration between Cornell University & CarbonFarm

We aim to scale up the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to 1/3 of global rice area in 10 years.

To get there, we're creating a self-financing model with carbon credits.

4 billion people depend on rice every day.

The way we grow rice needs to change.

  • 15% expected yield loss by 2050 due to climate change

  • 12% of global methane emissions come from rice

  • 1/3 of of irrigated fresh water is used by rice

  • 80% of rice is grown by smallholders

What is SRI?

The System for Rice Intensification is a set of sustainable practices that can have a big impact

For the farmer

  • +20 to +100% increase in smallholder profits

  • improved soil quality 

For the environment

  • -50% reduction in methane emissions

  • -30% reduction in water use

For food security

  • Improved resilience to drought, flooding and extreme wind events

SRI is a knowledge-based approach all about developing healthy plants

Terrace farming in Muong Hoa Valley, Vietnam

Scaling SRI globally requires money to train and support farmers...


... so we're creating a virtuous self-financing model.

This is our self-financing model

1. Train farmers

2. Measure  impact

3. Sell carbon credits

1/ Train farmers

Provide training and support to farmers to adopt SRI

2/ Measure the impact

Use satellites to measure, report and verify the reduction in methane emissions

3/ Sell carbon credits

Issue and sell registry-certified carbon credits to companies striving to reach Net Zero emissions

4/ Repeat

Use carbon credit sales to reward farmers, and train and support new ones

Our impact

We're targeting 55M hectares over the next 10 years.

That's one-third of global rice farmland.

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+40% increase in smallholder profits

Higher yields.

Lower input costs.

Extra revenue from carbon credits.

Our Team

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Cornell's Climate Resilient Farming Systems program

  • Leading academic group on SRI

  • Global network of local SRI partners in 50+ countries


Prof. Erika Styger

  • ClimateRiceConcept Sept 2022_edited

Erika is Professor of the Practice in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University. There, she holds the position of Director of the Climate-Resilient Farming Systems Program and with SRI-Rice is connected to a global network of local SRI partners in 50+ countries.

CarbonFarm, an innovative Earth-observation startup

  • Partnered with the European Space Agency

  • Collaborating with 2 leading research labs to detect methane emissions from rice via satellite

vassily small.jpg

Vassily Carantino, CEO

  • Linkedin

Vassily combines expertise in climate change with a cultivated intuition for data-driven problem solving.

As a former McKinsey consultant, he specialised in sustainability & carbon markets. Engineer by training, Vassily is a graduate of Columbia Business School.

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James Hastwell, CTO

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James is a data product leader whose expertise lies in leveraging big data and scientific research to build innovative products.

Prior to CarbonFarm, James was the Head of Data Science at a French AdTech leading a team of 15 engineers. James holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

Rice field in Mekong Delta, An Giang, Vietnam


Help us transform global rice production with SRI